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Dominique Gilmour

Dominique has always been involved in health and fitness and passionate about continually optimizing her health. Starting at a young age, her first passion was downhill skiing and basketball. Later on, she started strength training and spending more time in the gym to keep active and even competed in Figure. Dominique went on to study Kinesiology at the University of Ottawa and became more and more fascinated by soft tissue health, which leads her to take Fascial Stretch Therapy and then study in Massage Therapy and NeuroSomatic Therapy.


Fast forward to today, Dominique now works with a variety of patients from all walks of life. She enjoys working with patients that are looking to optimize their overall health so that they keep up with their daily activities and ambitious goals, whether that be working up to a new PR at the gym, or being able to go through the day pain-free.


Dominique’s approach to treatment is very grounded and holistic, addressing not only symptoms but also looking at the bigger picture to find out why such symptoms are felt and correcting any postural and muscular imbalances found throughout the treatment and assessment. Clients are often sent home with homework such as exercises or mobility drills to ensure a continual progression throughout their treatment plan. 

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